Mentoring Gifted Kids

Unique stimulating challenges for advanced thinkers

In-school Extra-curricula Program

Mentoring Gifted Kids is structured to cater for the special learning needs of intellectually gifted children.

"My son enjoyed every minute of the program and he was so excited about the Antarctica unit.... As a parent, I've found the last unit, Hands-on Equations very useful, especially for the kids not so much into maths. Thank you very much." A.N.

Do gifted children have special learning needs?

Gifted children flourish when their characteristics as learners are taken into account. When lessons move quickly, when there is minimum repetition of instructions, and when at the same time there is flexibility to allow digression, linking of ideas, concepts and experiences.

Mentoring Gifted Kids

Our children's program emphasizes face-to-face teaching with highly experienced gifted teachers. Using specific topics of study as a vehicle, we work with children to help them to:

- Understand themselves as gifted people

- Develop their gifts into mature talents

- Acknowledge and see their potential and perhaps a vision of how they may use their giftedness to contribute to society

- Challenge themselves in areas of weakness

- Realise that perfection is endless, and exercise judgement is deciding how much effort is required for specific tasks.