Mentoring Gifted Kids

Unique stimulating challenges for advanced thinkers

In-school Extra-curricula Program

Mentoring Gifted Kids is an in-school extra-curricula program specifically designed to mentor children identified as gifted, assisting them to accept and further understand themselves as gifted people.

"Thank you for all your time and encouragement to R. Over 6 months we have seen a very distressed and traumatised child become settled & more comfortable with who he is. I feel sure that your program has been an integral part of that whole process." J.S.

Gifted: which children are gifted?

Whilst there is no universally accepted definition of giftedness, 'outstanding potential and innate ability' (Gagne) is a clear starting point.

A child may express this natural ability intellectually, creatively, socially and/or physically in ways noticeably different to children of the same age.

Although all gifted children have the potential to perform at a significantly higher level than their age-peers, their level of ability may be considered on a scale of mildly to extremely gifted. High to extreme levels of giftedness are rare, however about 10% of children may fall within the full range.

How is giftedness recognized?

High potential for learning can be seen in children's characteristics and behaviours. You may have noticed some of the following:

·     Requires less sleep than other children

·     High energy levels

·     Quirky sense of humour

·     Advanced ethical and moral concerns

·     Although able to achieve at a high level may not always do so

·     Understands abstract concepts well ahead of same age peers

·     Highly perceptive of own and others' feelings and needs

·     Perseveres for long periods of time in special interest areas

·     Gets on better with older children and adults               

·     Has an inquiring mind, highly curious

·     Sets high standards for self, perfectionist tendencies

·     Excellent vocabulary for age

·     Able to solve problems quickly and often creatively